I’m Alisha Light, 
and yes my real born-given last name is “Light”. 

If I had hair, this is where we would cue my hair flip. 


the tea on me

I’m Alisha Light

and yes my real born-given last name is “Light”. 

Like I said, I GOTCHU.

With over a decade of experience in photographing thousands of people in different bodies, with different skin suits and wildly different personalities. I am adaptable and confident in getting every type of person photos that will skyrocket their confidence out of this shared atmosphere. 

When it comes to getting your photo taken, trust me when I say: I gotchu. 

Maybe you are incredibly comfortable in front of the camera and love to be a goof, or show off your sassy model side. Maybe, like the majority of humans, the thought of being photographed sends you into the “what do I do with my hands” panic. 

I am passionate about serving people from all walks of life, especially those who have ever felt like they didn’t “fit in.” 

Growing up, I’ve always felt like the odd ball, and that my differences were something to hide to make friends, get through school and be acknowledged as a functioning human. As I got older and started meeting people from all walks of life, I realized we are all so beautifully different in our own ways and concluded diversity is one of the most incredible parts of the human experience. 

While progress is getting made in society, advertising and media, we are still largely fed the idea that we must: reject aging, praise a European beauty standard, lose weight for the wedding, go into debt throwing the wedding of your parents’ dreams, and so on. 

I loathe it.

So where the hell do I come in? What does this have to do with photography?

I want to do my small part in celebrating your uniqueness, capturing photos that tell a story of your personality, your love for your partner. I want to empower you to continue living by your own rules no matter what that may look like for your wedding day. 

Excuse me while I get sappy here…

Growing up, my grandparents’ love showed me          


I was raised in large part by my maternal grandparents, and my paternal grandparents house was my favorite vacation. They modeled such beautiful and loving relationships for me when I needed it most. 

All of my grandparents passed by the time I was 20. Part of me feels robbed of getting to know them more and this is where photos help fill this hole in my heart. They give me a reminder and better understanding of who they were. The clothes they wore, the way they looked, the love they had for one another. What a gift.

This is the gift I want to give to you. Photos to transport you back to the memories in your life and to those who get to see YOU upon viewing them.

Really, more about me? If you insist. 

I grew up in Northern CA, in a small town at the base of Mt. Shasta, an active double head volcano. It’s equally rural and absolutely magical. The stargazing is insane, the air is crisp, and you feel safe to walk around anywhere. Because of that I feel immediately at home in nature, where my roots are. 

@home in nature

What can I say, you can take the girl out of the double head active volcano, but you can’t take the double active volcano out of the girl. But in all seriousness fuck the patriarchy <3. Every chance I get I’ll empower you to choose meaning over outdated traditions. 

Annually becoming more fiery a feminist

to a Jeep Wrangler named Misdemeanor (after Missy Elliot, IYKYK) And my sweet Russian Blue, Nevvy.

(Your session booking will go directly to putting food into this cat’s mouth and gas into my jeep. Book now to keep them fed.)

Proud mom…

I truly have no idea and the number is still actively growing. Dont worry- most grandparents love them haha. And yes, my head tattoo definitely hurt the worst.

# of tattoos

I've got a passion for fashion (**forget you read this if you hire me for a hiking or winter elopement). But no really, I love styling photoshoots, and helping people find both confidence and expression through clothing.


I firmly believe that leaning into the most authentic version of myself is one of the best ways to empower people I photograph.

Authenticity always


You love to show off your partner

so I can't wait to give you more material. 

Let’s make some phone-background, poster-sized-wall- art, and fridge-worthy memories?